Predicting Turning Points Using Market Matrix

Turning points for any markets can be predicted well in advance according to Delta as you may have read my introduction to

delta trading page.

A man named Steve Copan from United Kingdom took it a little further and discovered extra time frames, fine tune it with slightly different calculating starting point, fibonaaci time and price retracemnet, fibonacci time count as well as Elliott waves to pin point these turning points, often to the exact day!

I promised to show you some tools and technique where you can predict future market turning points to the exact day. Well, this is it...The Market Matrix.

Let me show you a few examples of how powerful market matrix is using dynamic traders prediction software.

market matrix sp500 solutions-may06-feb08

The above show SP500 index matrix solutions from May 07 to Feb 08. Jun, July 07 numbered points were predicted well in advance and were spot on the day. I traded this downward move a few times down to point 3 and closed out at a very nice profit before I went on holiday!

Similar to Delta, the blue dotted numbers are the short terms projected turning points. The red numbers are the medium term market turning points. The black and purple color numbers are the long term market turning points date. These numbers are projected well in advanced.

As with delta, when you overlay a few time frames on top of each other you can then trade in the direction of bigger time frame,( red, black and purple color numbers). If you short this market in the direction from black 6 to black 7, would you doubt the power of this Market Matrix trading technique ? Ooh La La!

How Do You Project These Turning Points In Advance and Pin Point Them To The Exact Day?

Sorry, I don't think I am allowed to say, due to copy right and market matrix policy.

But You can

  1. Learn the Ins and Outs of Market Matrix via Market Matrix training Cds and watch how Steve Copan predicts future turning points to the exact day using S&P500 as an example working out the turning points from scratch.(3 disks, the 1st one include delta ). You can purchase this set of training CDs by clicking Here (not many left).

  2. NEW ---Purchase The Market Matrix Book from

    This book replaces the training CDs and explains quite well in pure Matrix form together with some extra infos that's not covered in the CDs like Lucas number, special matrix rules. There is also a chapter that tells you how to trade the Market matrix using MC1, MC2, where to enter the trade and also where to put your stop loss. Wow, I wish I had this book before, since it's about 1/3 the price of CD and have more infos!!

    Update --- According to Matrix forum announcement, price is going up and books will not be published anymore once supply runs out.

  3. Subscribe to Market Matrix Newsletter from where Steve Copan produces a monthly newsletter ( 1st sunday of the month)on markets turning points on SP500, FTSE100, DAX,GOLD,UK Sterling to US dollars.

    I have used this newsletter and found it quite entertaining and educational and often learn something that I have forgotten or overlooked. Sometimes there are very detailed explanation using fibonacci time, number and price link, especially when he noticed some important dates are due. He also updates them in middle of month as well.

  4. Purchase Dynamic traders software from with Market Matrix Cycle lines add on. It has S&P500 points already mapped out and projected 45 years into the future. Please note you need data feed with Dynamic traders software. I use data feeds. You can get the genesisft basic silver trading platform free with dynamic trader, but you have to pay for the data feed.

  5. Once you have market matrix cycle lines add on, you can then use the default 4 matrix time cyle lines MT1 to 4 to create a new template for the market that you are interested in. You need to find the average distance from the red line for each turning point for each MTs .

    You then put it in the edit matrix cycle box and enter all the required day and save as a new file name. The matrix cycle editor will then produce a new template with numbered points projected 45 years into the future. See I told you, Dynamic traders is more than just Elliot Waves trading software!

I used point 5 to create my own market matrix solutions for Hang Seng Index. Quite impressed with this tool as most of the time these points are just out by 2 or 3 days! See below (June 07 to June 08 )

Note every market has it's own solution and those turning points may or may not be at the same place as these two examples shown.

hang seng index matrix solution

Well, there you have it. Such a powerful prediction tool and system. I have tried using some cheaper charting softwares, but it's very difficult to do and I gave up in the end, so don't bother and use dynamic traders instead.

Dynamic traders is the only trading software company authorized to produce default market matrix template and pre-solved S&P500 matrix solution. Once you learned how to use it, I am sure you can get your money back in a few trades if not sooner.

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I have learned quite a bit and traded accordingly when I was not 100 % sure of the turning points on Market Matrix.

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