Swing Stock Trading - Simple Time And Price Predictions Strategy

Swing stock trading. This swing trading stock strategy is quite simple, yet effective to predict time and price of the stock movement.

down trend swing trading stock prediction For a down trend, after a normal retracement to Swing 2 and the stock begins to resume it's downtrend, you can project swing 3 time and price by

  1. Count the number of days from the lowest closing price at Swing 1 to the last previous highest closing price .

  2. Work out the price difference from bottom of swing trading stock swing 1, to the highest price at the beginning of Swing 1.

  3. Add the number of traded days from 1 to Retracement Swing 2 to get the projected day for Swing trading turning date.

  4. Retracement Swing 2 highest price minus result from 2 will give you the projected price of Swing 3.

uptrend swing tradung stock forecast

Uptrend Swing Trading Stock Prediction /Forecast

You basically repeat the above exercise, except you add the results to the low of Retracement Swing 2 for this swing trading stocks forecast.

To enter the trade

You enter the trade when you have two traded days going in the same direction as Swing 3, after Retracement Swing 2.

You place a buy /sell stop order just above/below day 2 and ride the trade to the projected day or price, whichever comes first.

The FTSE100 index chart below shows an example of this swing stock trading projection technique. The blue and pink arrows showed both swings hit the exact projected date which were also Market Matrix turning point dates!

swing stock trading prediction chart example

Recommended Swing Trading Stock Software - Wave 59

The above trading strategy is quite easy to implement although sometimes you may not notice the swing like the one in pink and especially in day trading as well.

The softwave from wave 59 can find the end of the swing and you can then trade accordingly. Click to watch this trading video that explains how to use Wave 59 software to construct this " Time and Price " and other patterns that you can use for your trading.

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Other Swing Trading Stocks Learning Resource

If you are interested to learn more and to trade using this swing stock trading strategy that you can profit in a few days/ weeks, then I suggest trying this

Swing Trading Guide. Quite a lot of other professionals/ experts are recommending this definitive guide to swing trading stock.

It goes into great details on how to trade, discover the underlying structure of all stock markets and learn how to project support/resistance levels well into the future with uncanny accuracy and more. So click here for your Definitive Guide To Swing Trading Stocks Course.

Recommended Swing Trading Stock Turning Point Prediction Book

I stumbled across a book called

Advanced Swing Trading: Strategies to Predict, Identify, and Trade Future Market Swings (Wiley Trading)
It's available from amazon.co.uk via the above link

This swing stock trading book describes in great details of the above swing stock trading technique (wow, someone already knew about it) and also gives better trade entrance guide, other lower risk trading techniques like trading gaps, finding tops and bottoms. I used some of the techniques for the above analysis, like counting holiday as extra day which I did not know about.

This swing trading stocks book is also available in US from Amazon.com. Click on link below for US book.
Advanced Swing Trading: Strategies to Predict, Identify, and Trade Future Market Swings (Wiley Trading)

If you were a bit like me when I first started to trade, then this swing trading stock book is ideal for you as it guides you through by examples.

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