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Ok, I found some of the best stock trading courses and stock trading system for you from stock trading guru Guy Cohen, the author of two best selling books on Options Made Easy and Options Bible.

Now you can learn how to make money easily and safely in the stock market via his trading courses as though you are in his stock trading class at your own pace. You watch these stock trading cds and access to his online stock trading system which he developed to pick stocks to trade.

He has developed a few stock market trading courses using simple strategies that can be used on stocks,options and spread bettings.

Best Stock Trading Course - The Flag Trader
How To Make Money In A Few Days Trading In A Safer And Easier Way

guy cohen flag trader stock trading course package

Regardless whether you are experienced trader or beginner to investing (even better), this trading method /system "Really Can" make you money in a few days or weeks, either going short or long in the market in a safer and easier way.

This package will teach you how to enter a trade safely and capture big movement before they happen. The package will also teach you how to trade those explosive continuation bull and bear flag chart patterns identified by a software that is not available anywhere else.

In fact watch this updated video to see my results and see how his flag trader stock trading course can help you make money trading the stock market in a safer and easier way in addition to the below comments/ reviews.

*****New Live November Training Workshop Early Bird Special. ..OVI Traders .

Attend Live or Watch Live Feed From Home.  There will  be Added Bonuses Of Flag Trader Software as well as 4 Special Strategies Working in conjunction with OVI. ****

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I have to admit when Guy Cohen first contacted me on this simple trading course a few years ago, I looked at the sales page and it struck me as " too good to be true or even a scam ".

But knowing him and I have been to his options course before, this stock trading course might be good, just the way the sales letter was written so I gave it a miss as I thought " what can this simple course teach me that I don't already know "?

Every now and then, I receive email on trading technique, market updates and sometimes video alerts from Guy Cohen. I thought I might have missed something important here, so I actually tried his course.

Wow! How wrong was I to ignore his email. I have to congratulate him for producing such a " good training course " using simple technique that really can make you money in the way that's been said in the sales letter! I made money ( more than 10 percent) in a few days after watching the trading training cds.

If you want to fine tune your trading or make money quicker, then this course is for you.

What I like About This Flag Trader Trading Course:

  • 1. It explains in great details how to combine certain other powerful techniques that can more or less confirm the trade is heading the right direction.
  • 2. It teaches you all the basic and important trade setup in spread betting if you are in UK, short selling and options setup in US, so you can make money when stock is going up or down.
  • 3. Money management technique. Unlike some other trading courses I have been to telling you risk /reward ratio, he teaches you exactly where to enter your trade, where to take your profit, where to let the profit run and when to cut your losses. I even applied this money management technique and flag trader trading technique to day trading as few currencies and stocks were developing the same patterns as the one that was mentioned in the training cds.
  • 4. Plenty of trade set up example. In fact disk 7 & 8 go through how to trade safely using what you learned from disk 1- 6. Watching these trade examples is like having a stock trading coach or stock training mentor sitting next to you, having a one to one stock trading course /consultant at no extra cost!
  • 5. The online Trade Finder - This is a simple but powerful Bull flag and bear flag pattern finder software. Apart from producing a list of United Kingdom stocks, US optionable stocks,(all can be spread bet in UK ), it has all required links in the same place for you to do your analysis. You do not need any separate charting software. You click on a link, it will display a chart using freely available charts on certain websites. All you need to do afterward is follow "exactly " what you learned from the stock training cds and do a few checks before placing an order with your online broker even after market is closed. Once you get the hang of it after watch the training cds, it does not take you long to do these checks. I have not come across any stock screener software that can do what Guy Cohen is offering! You can also set the bull flag/ bear flag stock filter to email you the results on your chosen day.
  • 6. Using methods taught, you are capturing big up and down movement before it happens. If trade goes against you, you lose little or none at all.

Minor Dislike Of This Flag Trader Stock Trading Course

The trade finder currently only focuses on finding United Kingdom and United States stocks. Actually, it finds more US potential stocks than UK spread betting stocks.

It would be nice if it can cover any countries, but I guess there are more opportunities in US and you can trade US stocks no matter where you are. Also there are a few things which you can check to aid/ confirm stock is heading the right direction as explained in the training cds.

The bottom line is, can it make you money? I'll say yes as I have tried them and made money as seen in above video. You can even try this trading course for 30 days .

Here is a summary of what you will get with this flag trader stock trading course which I highly recommend.

This stock trading course package comes with :

  • 8 Video Training CDs - offline and online
  • online DVD - Guy At Seminars: Profit from Trends and Flags
  • Exclusive access to the Inner Circle online tools and software that can find those flag chart patterns for you.
  • Timely, regular alerts direct from Guy ( some are very profitable alerts as seen in above video ).
  • Full-time telephone & email support
  • 30 days money back guarantee

* New Flag Trader Pacakge - Half Price And Now Includes 1 Free Month Access to Private Trader Club*


Watch the training cds thoroughly including trading examples and money management. Sometimes you can apply these techniques to day trading currencies, stocks and indexes when opportunity arises.

Best Stock Trading Options Course -
How To Make Money Trading Stock Options In Days - Weeks Using Minimal Money Deposit

guy cohen iluminati trader options trading course

***************Sorry This course is no longer available*****

However, there is a Live OptionEasy  Seminar /workshop, this coming April  22-23, 2017 in Miami, Florida, where Guy Cohen will take you through the basic of options to the strategies  that bring lots of profit in a short time and more.

You can attend in person or watch the live feed/streaming from home.

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Regardless whether you are experienced or beginner (even better ) to investing, this stock trading options course teaches you how to use simple strategy based on volatility and certain conditions that can make you money regardless whether the stock is going up or down using options.

With these stock options training cds, you will be taught how to scan and analyze each trade in an easy and convenient manner. This stock option trading course comes with

  • 10 Video Training CDs package
  • 12 months exclusive access to the Inner Circle online tools to help you trade in just minutes each day. This will also include the Flag-Trader Lite.
  • Flag-Trader Online CDs within 12 months.
  • Timely, regular alerts direct from Guy
  • Full-time telephone & email support
  • 30 days money back guarantee

New Illuminati Trader Special Offer Package For A limited Time Only

Focusing on simple options strategies, these stock trading options training cds will teach you in details on:

  • all the essential bits about options
  • stock volatility
  • fundamental analysis
  • news analysis
  • technical analysis
  • how to analyze the trade safely
  • how to manage and work out your risk and profits
  • how to find a low cost options trade
  • how to use chart patterns and other conditions to aid your options trade
  • how to use the appropriate options strike price to make money

...and more Options Trader Finder software.

As with above flag trader, there are more than 20 real trade examples. These training cds then go through each trade (from the Options Trader Finder results) and apply what's been taught from previous chapters including:

  • how to analyze the trade and work out risk and reward before entering the trade
  • how to trade options and how that trade made double digit % profit
  • why you should not trade that particular stock based on a few criteria
  • when to ignore all the conditions and just trade what you see .......etc

I must say, after watching these trade examples as Guy Cohen commentated on each options trade from options training cds, you would be able to tell from the chart to see if it's going to be a good trade or not.

With the way Guy Cohen explaining these trades, you can literally work backward if you do not have the software to aid you to find these trades that have met " certain conditions " as explained on the trading training cds!

As with the above flag trader stock market trading course, once you are ready and confident to trade stock options after watching the options training cds, you log online using his Inner circle online tools, pick from drop down menu and the stock trading system returns a list of stocks which you can place trade using options .

You can also trade flag / pennant stocks or options from the Lite Flag Finder that's also included in the package, along with online Flag Trader stock trading cds.

Although it's hasn't got as much filters as the proper Flag Trader Finder, I find the results are just as good as the proper one.

Once you studied the flag trader online cds, you can work backward and do your own analysis as detailed on the Flag Trader stock trading course if you want to trade the stock that's about to break up or down with all conditions met.

This stock trading options course is also available to you online and there are regular articles and videos to keep you constantly updated and motivated.

The Abusive Letter Challenge Trading Course -Guy Cohen Turn Around Trader System

Abusive Letter Challenge Turn Around Trader Course / System

  • Is studying charts and checking certain conditions before placing a trade too much for you?
  • Are the above courses still too expensive (including the massive promotion period discount)?
  • Do you just want to make some money trading spending about 10 minutes a day in your spare time?

Well, Guy Cohen had a wake up call from an abusive potential customer who spoke for most of us with the above. After pondering for a little while, Guy came up with a cheaper version (under $300) and something simple that you could do to make money trading.

There are certain signals that Guy Cohen use to tell you when a stock/ index is about to reverse into other direction, named "Turnaround Trader".

Since Guy is the expert on trading, he should be able to analyze the trade and say which one is good when he sees the signal. The challenge was to make it simple and require about 10 minutes a day to do.

Now, he's incorporating his skills in picking these trades for you in his " Turn Around Trader Stock Trading Course/System ", where everything is done for you.

All you need to do is log onto certain website to pick the trade that you like from the list, place a trade and profit from the turn around of stocks/indexes.

The Turn Around Stock Trading Course Also Comes With

  • Turn Around Trader manual with details instruction how to get started and how to trade safely.
  • Online trade finder to find those trading opportunities for you
  • 13 training bonuses that are part of other trading courses to get you to become a better trader.
  • Free global shipping
  • Unlimited email and telephone support
  • 30 days money back guarantee

Want To Make Money Trading Just 10 Minutes A Day Without Studying Chart?

Click Here For Guy Cohen's Turn Around Trader Course / System

Guy Cohen is a genuine helpful person. He even answered my questions when I emailed him a few questions on options years after I attended his options stock trading class.

He also kept in touch and emailed me after the stock trading courses. He introduced me to market matrix where he showed me on email how he day traded sp500.

If only Guy Cohen told me about these stock market trading course earlier rather than via an email, I would throw away all those expensive and unhelpful stock trading courses that I paid which could be learned from books and free online informations!

I could have made a lot more money if I did not ignore his email earlier!

Apparently, he was busy testing it and fine tuning it to a Stock Trading Made Easy stage with his own money for 6 months , trading using these simple stock trading strategies and made consistent money turning £10,000s trading account to more than £ 100,000.

I just wished he finished testing and fine tuned the above stock trading systems a few years ago so I could benefit from these stock trading courses. I am sure you will enjoy these benefits after purchasing one of this stock trading course.

Other Home Study /On Location Stock Trading Courses- Trading Academy

I came across Trading Academy who were equally good and saw them demonstrated live trading before. They offer quite a range of courses from stock trading courses, Fibonacci, Level 2,to Forex and Options.

They offer home study stock trading courses as well as offering on location trading courses in United State, Canada, Dubai, United Kingdom including Dublin, in Ireland and Singapore.

Trading Academy also offers a Tuition rebate program where you will get discount on commissions from their affiliate brokers/ dealers until the cost of the entire trading course fee is paid off if you enroll for any of these courses

  • Stock Trading
  • Forex Currency Trading
  • Options
  • E-mini Futures
  • Commodities
  • Extended Learning Track Course - an e learning course where you are in a virtual classroom and have real interaction with your instructor and share their desktop computers, giving you an inside view of how a pro sets up their trading environment, executes trades and manages their trading business.

You may take their trading courses again and again with no additional cost. On some of their on location trading courses, they actually teach you trading using live account with their money! Wow, I wish I discovered these courses long time ago!

Click here for your Trading Academy Stock Trading Workshops/ Courses

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Are you still lost or just want to make money trading in a simple way ?

Here are two recommended trading strategies :

Trade What You See On Paint Bar Chart And Follow The Rules

This focuses on trading simple Price colour patterns which you can literally master over a weekend back testing and start trading with the software shows you what to do next.

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