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Here are some useful stock screener websites for scanning stocks , options, forex, mutual fund, indexes or any financial instruments to trade.

Free stock market screener sites A great stock market screener site, offer much more than free filters to scan stock using fundamental & and some technical analysis.

It even offers free charting with ability to draw lines like the one I use on Cup and Handle Chart Pattern Page You need to click on free membership & register with them to use this free tool.

Pick the required stock screener from drop down menu under Charts & Research.

For US Stocks Sites only

Technical Analysis Stocks Filter -

Top 50 Trending Stocks

Fundamental Analysis data filter.

The following stock market screener sites offer basic fundamental analysis filter only, so if it returns only a few or none, you may want to lower your requirement a bit.

Pay For Stock Screener

To find the best trading moments, you may want to try these stock filters and charting softwares which have less restrictions on them.

I am sure you will get your money back in a few trades if not sooner once you master how to use them. Most of them offer free trials.

Telechart - This is an excellent and inexpensive stock screener / stock trading software for scanning & analyzing stocks to trade using technical and fundamental analysis. Most stock trading gurus and stock trading courses use this software to teach their students.

You can set up these stock filters to scan for trending and oscillating stocks using your preferred indicators such as stochastics crossing up from 20%, etc or fundamental like PE ratios etc.

It has end of day data as well as real time data. You can also scan optionable stocks as well.

When you subscribe to real time data package, you can post your charts and ask experts advice from the software producer to see if the trade set up is potentially profitable.

With the Gold and Platinum Suite , you can access to their other stock finder software with ability to do back testing, drag and drop your indicators into the charting area and let the program to scan the database with your own rules. There are detailed videos and /or pdf files on these stock filter once you signed up to their stock market screener package.

The Latest software has CLOUD base Filter, so you can screen your stocks and view the results online.

Here are some of my Channeling Stocks and Covered Call Options stock scans settings if you decide to go with this Telechart /Worden stock screener.

Guy Cohen Private Trader Club - Filiters, Tools And Education

Are You Interested in knowing

  • which stocks are about to reverse direction
  • which stocks have abnormal buying /selling volume (institutional hedging?)
  • William Oniels's formular for CAM SLIM valuable stocks
  • how to combine certain chart patterns with OVI (monitor options activities ) that can more than often tell you which direction the market is heading?

This site is just more than a filter site. You get to learn from the best trader/options/stock teacher (author of Options Made Easy, Options Bible, Volitility Trading ) and access to his unique tools that's not available anywhere else. There is a limited time $1 trial for becoming a member.

Click here to watch a video that explains all on Guy Cohen 's Private Trader Club.

Market Club Stock Screener - ( Highly Recommended )

Just A few Clicks Can Find A list Of Stocks, Futures, Forex, Mutual Fund Fast With Charts And /Or Buy And Sell Signals

This technical analysis stock filter and charting tool is idea for traders who don't know/want to to write the scan. I thought they were expensive before so I did not try them until recently .

They are quite inexpensive and is really a combination of scanning, chart platform and free trading education from a few stock trading gurus in the form of pdf and/ or mp3 form.

I like this package so much that after extensive use of the stock market screener/ stock filter, their trade triangles ( made a few profitable trades as well !) online seminars, I decided to make a video to show you this tool/ package in addition to the below review/ comments.

Click on the arrow to play the video.

30day MarketClub Trial....only $8.95!

market club stock scan

These set of filters can scan Equity, Forex, Future and Mutual Fund. These scanners are quite good for your trending, channeling stocks and momentum stocks, where you want to buy higher and sell even at higher price using their 52 weeks high stock market screener.

If you are into penny stocks, you can also search from the drop down menu for stock less than $1 with your required volume from the stock filter.

Using one of the strong DMA stock scan above, I was able to pick a stock that is on a strong uptrend. I used their stock score of above 80 and analyzed the stock from another icon together with their Trade Triangles where the green means buy, and red means sell. I was able to enter the stock with quite a healthy profit at the end of day!

market club trader traingle

They are offering a $8.95 trail so it's worth giving them a try if you are searching for the all in one filter, stock screener and stock market education.

There are detailed videos on how to get the best out of these stock filters and other parts of the package.

Click here for your 30day MarketClub Trial....only $8.95!

Finally! A Winning Trading Software Solution That Will Find You Killer Stocks, Without Breaking Your Bank Account! Swing Tracker End Of Day/ Real Time Stock Market Screener

swing tracker slide show stock scan stock filter

I came across this real time and end of day stock screener and charting software from swingtracker that's really good value for money. This is almost half the price of what other data providers charge and covers Real time as well as End Of Day stock scan for the same price. Swing tracker even promised to help you create your own stock filters at no extra cost.

You can either build your own stock scan using fundamental and /or technical analysis with hundreds of criteria that are best for you, everything from

  • indicators like Rsi, Bollinger Band, MACD, Moving Average etc
  • price patterns
  • volume
  • Candlesticks Chart Patterns

or choose from tons of list of predefined stock filters. All you have to do is put a check mark beside which one you want to see! Includes Most Actives, Top Gainers/Losers, Big Range, Gap Up/Down, Indices, Industries/Sectors and more!

There is ability to look at multiple stock charts quickly in real-time for possible setups that may be forming with an updating slide show option.

The slide show make this stock screener really interesting if you are into day trading. You can put your real time stock scan portfoliio into your favourite list like the above screen shot and let the stock software automatically scroll through the list and display the live charts every 1 minute, 5 minutes etc.

Watch this stock screener video from swingtracker that explains how to scan stocks to trade using this slide show and try it out free for 30 days to see if this can help you to pick stocks to trade.

Click here to watch Swingtracker video slide show stock scan and try it free for 30 days

Trading Synergy Elliott Wave, Chart Patterns, Stock Options Stock Screener With Nicolas Darvas Box

I have been watching this site and their delayed newsletters that used this stock scanner for a little while and I am quite impressed with the tool.

This is the one in all scanner that can scan stocks, options and forex using end of Elliott wave like 2, 4 etc and or your prefered chart patterns such as double top, flag, head and shoulder etc together with your prefered option strategy like bull/long call or bull/long put.

More interestingly, there is a Nicolas Darvas ( the traveling dancer who turned $20,000 to £2 million in the 1950's) box function within this stock scanner. It tells you where to enter the trade using this box method, where to place your stop loss and it also projects the end wave for you using fibonacci retracement levels.

All you need to do is follow this darvas box once you are in the trade and move your stop loss to lock in profit once the trade started to move towards the next predicted end of next wave target area like this example

elliott wave scanner software with nicolas davas box

Ramp End Of Day Pattern Scanner - Stock Scanner

This stock screener only scan stocks based on technical analysis. This stock screener is ideal if you want to trade those stocks that's about to bounce up /reverse or breakout of a certain chart pattern.

RAMP claimed that they are the ONLY program out there that can:

  • Find the trend for you
  • Find trading chart patterns like double top, cup and handle, head and shoulders etc and shapes.
  • Find charts on Fibonacci Retracement Levels.
  • Show you accurate support and resistance lines on any chart and dramatically reduce your search time to find great trades.

Ramp will also show you, using several different trading indicators, when it is a good time to enter a trade. You can also buy a cd on Telechart PCF scanner from Ramp. The software developer used Telechart / Worden before, so you can benefit from his input if you already own Telechart /Worden stock trading software.

Ramp RT Alert (Real Time Intra Day Pattern Scanner - Day Trading Stock Scanner)

If you are looking to day trade stocks using certain chart patterns, then you may like to try this real time stock screener.

This is a monthly subscription service. You download an application once and then log in online to see a list of stocks, currencies that have just formed a certain chart patterns like

  • Double bottom, double top
  • Head and shoulder, inverse head and shoulder
  • Cup and handle
  • Touching support or resistance line
  • Reaching certain fibonacci retracement levels
  • Breakouts

across these time frames: 1 min,5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 30 min, 60 min,1 day,1 week.

You can set the alert to give you an audio sound once new one come in. It's constant scanning stocks and currencies on their database and you don't need any software or your own data.

Once you click on the symbol, it will display the chart with lines drawn using your chosen stock filter.

They are offering 2 weeks free trial. So click here for your Day Trading Chart Patterns Stock Market Screener. - I like this stock site filter & criteria layout. From the drop down menu, you can select from undervalued stocks, to 30 % jump in volume, gap up & down and more. It has market data for UK ,US including optionable stocks & some European & Asian stock, commodity, currencies. Downloading data is a bit slow though as it's big data base.

Which stock screener to choose?- It depends on you trading style, but I think I covered most of what people are after. So, I'll say give them a try. Most offer free trials.

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