Stock Market Update News

Knowing latest stock market update news or stock trading news can be an advantage to your trading. The following latest trading news are brought to you, courtesy of Elliott Wave International.

Besides reading these news, I also find it helpful to know if the company directors, other major financial institutions made any big purchase or selling in the millions of share that has crossed the threshold and they are obliged to announce it to the stock exchange.

These stock market news or stock trading news can often affect the share price whether it's today or weeks later.

Newspaper report is always a day or so late. I normally use . You need to click on free membership and register with them.

You then click on Quote, type in your stock symbol, e.g in for Biliton listed in London Stock exchange it would be LSE: BLT

OR Microsft listed under Nasdaq, would be NASDAQ:MSFT or type in the name of the stock and it will search it for you in the stock exchange that you are interested in.

It will tell you these stock trading news informations if available. These informations are quite helpful especially when you want to enter the trade.


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