Stock Market Sectors Analysis -The Fundamental Part Of Stock Screener

Certain group of industries or stock market sectors do well at a certain time. It is mainly investors moving money around the stock market.

To pick the right stock to trade, you need to stack all the odds in your favor.

The trend is your friend. You don't need to perform a full stock market analysis, but you need know which stage we are in the stock market stages and follow the stage/ trend.

All you need to do is find which sectors are doing well at which stock market stage, perform basic fundamental analysis & pick the right stock.

You then use technical analysis and or chart pattern like cup & handle example that I used to time your entry & exit of the stock.

Below is a rough guide for stock market sector performance at different stock market stages.

stock market stages

Stage 1

Sectors: Technology, Transportation,Capital Goods perform well at this stock market stages

Stage 2

Sectors: Capital Goods perform well at this stock market stages.

Stage 3

Sectors: Basic Materials, Consumers Staples,Energy, perform well at this stock market stages.

Stage 4

Sectors: Consumers Staples, Utilities perform well at this stock market stages.

Stage 5

Sectors:Consumer Cycles, Financial perform well at this stock market stages.

Where Can We Find Out Stock Market Sector Performance Informations?

For UK Market

Market Sector performance can be found at Just look for the top few sectors that have increased the most in percentages for the last 3 months to 6 months.

Click on one of the list, it will display a list of companies within that sector.

For US Market

Market Sector performance can be found on various sites. One I use & most people use is You double click on the the green/black kind of bar code on the right to enlarge the display. It's really self explanatory.

The greener the patch, the bigger increase in the sector in terms of percentages. If you hover the mouse over the colour, it will display the company name. You right click on it to display company fundamental and or chart.

You can then compare the colour with the five stock market stages described & analyze where we are in the economical cycle.

For other part of the word, please search the internet.

Also, most stock broker sites including spread betting & cfd websites that have charting software can display sector charts. You need to have a look at the chart to see the rising trend for the past 3 to 6 moths .

After you have a list of stocks, you need to perform a simple fundamental analysis to pick the best one from the best performing stock market sector.

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