Stock Market Predictions

Stock market predictions by top stock brokers at......Yeah right! Heard it all before! You took their advices and noticed your stock values plummeted afterward especially in the technology bubble era of 2000!

I always wonder what tools they use to do their forecasts. It's called commissions! Kaching!

Now I got wiser

I was introduced to Market Matrix by my stock options teacher, Guy Cohen, the author of Options Made Easy, via an email.

I did hesitate for a little while before diving into them as these stock market forecast tools and education cds were not cheap. Hey, guess what? That was the best decision I ever made. I got my money back in two trades after I learned how to use them.

I am currently using these techniques and tools and making some good money. So I want to share these stock trading techniques with you should you wish to do it yourself or learn from experts in that field.

Stock Market Trading Predictions Techniques

The following are what I am using and they do work. Click on each stock trading technique to see how it can be used to do your stock market forecast analysis

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