Simple Stock Market Index Trading Strategies That Can Make Money In Days Or Minutes

How would you like to make money using some stock market index trading strategies without scratching your head to find stocks to trade?

Using certain stock market index trading strategies, you can make money quite easily without scanning stocks to trade. There are enough points within Stock Market Indices or stock market index to justify a trade.

I am going to show you a few techniques that I learned and you can either do it yourself after you learned these stock market index techniques or subscribe to some stock market indices prediction services which I know really work.

You can use free charting software from your online stock market trading index brokers or use your own software to do the analysis and trade accordingly using these stock market index trading strategies.

Ok, What Are Stock Market Indexes/ Indices?

Stock market indexes or stock market indices are numbers that measure the relative value of a group of stocks. These are either the top 30,100, or even 500 in terms of market capital, or medium cap, small caps companies.

Stock market index or Stock Market Indice consists of a group companies within a sector like financial, technology, telecommunications etc. Examples of some of well known stock market indices are S&P500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, FTSE100, Hang Seng Index, Nikkei 225 etc.

The Asian and American stock market indices like Hang Seng Index & Dow Jones are very volatile and the move can be very big.

You can benefit from these big movements and trade these stock market indexes via Spread Betting, CFD if you are in UK or trade options in US.

The stock market index chart below shows the Hong Kong, Hang Seng Index and is a live trade I did after I returned from my holiday using £1 spread betting per point using certain stock market trading strategies.

stock market index trading strategies example

Stock Market Index Trading Strategies- Trading Stock Index Turning Points And Ride The Trend Afterward ( Days To Weeks)

I used the following stock market index trading strategies for the above trade:

  • Delta Trading and Market Matrix turning points prediction techniques. I worked out my own Market Matrix solution for this stock market index using dynamic trader software and projected the turning points well in advance.

    A turning point is due around the 13th. I also used the trading technique from the Delta Pheonmenon Book, Chapter 9, Trading The Delta Turning Points.

  • Fib Master- This inexpensive trading course taught me how to know which fibonacci retracment level is likely to turn the market.

These simple strategies got me into the long trade with a very healthy profit.

A very handy tip I learned from sample pdf file of the Flag Trader System , courtesy of my previous stock option teacher, Guy Cohen kept me from exiting this long trade when I wanted to take my money and pay off my holiday credit card bills.

There is flag pattern developing along this uptrend. I have moved my stop loss up and aim to exit the trade at the next predicted turning point so I can profit even more. Thanks Guy!

See the power of trading stock index. You can do the same as me by learning Delta via this book

The Delta Phenomenon: or The Hidden Order in All Markets (Book Package)

You can also work out the turning points and see which fibonacci level is likely to turn the stock market indices via this Fib master course.

Stock Market Indices Prediction Service Providers

If you do not want to work out stock market index turning points yourself, you can subscribe to these providers that cater for trading stock market indices.

Elliott Wave International You may have noticed on the above chart, a few elliott waves were formed. Using these wave theories can often tell when the turning point is as well. Besides covering the US including S&P500, the folks over Elliott Wave International can provide answers to these questions and also offer pay for subscription services as well as free club member services.

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  • Metals (futures: precious and industrial)
  • Energy (futures: crude, Brent, nat gas and more) and the list goes on.....

Whatever market you are into, chances are, Pro Services have a forecast for you.

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Stock Market Index Trading Strategies- Minutes To Hours

stock market indices intraday trading strategies

I came across two stock market index trading strategies that really work. Click on each link to learn more.

60 Minute Trader Trader
This uses some indicators and by looking at what happened previously, you can place a trade in conjunction with these indicators. Using this method, I was able to trade in and out a few times on the above chart.

Due to copyright, I can not show exactly how I did this trade, but you can get this trading course and learn this technique for your stock market indices trading. You will also get their trading results when you buy their training course.

A trade like the above can cover the cost of this stock market index trading course.

If you already trade stocks, futures, CFD's, spread bet, even if you have never traded before, then you simply cannot be without 60 Minute Trader

Stock Market Index Secret Trading Technique

Just a quote from the author of this stock market indices secrets revealed.

There is "something" which happens every day at the same time with the same Stock Index...! This is when you can make real money! It is absolutely possible to have 9 or even 10 winning trades out of 10... All you need is to know the secret and exact trading algorithm. The secret can be used for some other major stocks too!

What if you knew a trading secret so simple, yet so powerful, that anyone could use to profit from the Stock market even without experience. All You need is to trade Single Stock Index- 15 minutes at the opening. 50 -100 ticks daily can be yours! This is Guaranteed! There is no way to lose money!

I can't tell you too much about this as it's not my discovery and copyright act, but using these stock market index strategies have made me very happy!

Click Here for more info on this Stock Market Indice Trading Secret- Dow Jones Never Lose !

Best of luck to you trading stock index from these stock indices technique!

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