Scientific Forex Review - Cristina Circurea

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One trader just solved the biggest market problem of the last 100 years… And then he made it virtually foolproof so that anyone could turn a small $1,500 account into almost $70K in under a month

There have been some incredible innovators in trading in the last century…

  • Elliott and his "waves"
  • Nisson and the Japanese candlestick
  • Jones and his hedge funds

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They all failed in their quest.

Russ Horn just succeeded where all of those financial titans could not… and it could make you very rich.

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Near the bottom of his web page, there is a video where he answers an email from one of his previous members. It is real, honest, and one of the most compelling things I've ever seen.

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However, this ultimate Forex solution only became available to the public a couple of days ago, and as soon as it "leaked" online, people went nuts…

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If you are looking for a forex trading course, then this scientific forex trading technique from an ex Maths genius Cristina Circurea is your ideal forex teacher/ mentor.

A former maths degree graduates and worked in the financial world, she studied all technical analysis, news, fundamental and applied to trading which she realised from the report on her forex scientific trading website that these methods do not work consistently.

She then applied the scientific approach and the results were consistent profit month after month.

I have been following Cristina Cirura on face book and twitter where she placed live trades on quite a big lot siz ( 5- 10 !) and I also had a sneak preview of her scientific forex approach to trading currency where she won and achieved over 162% growth in a month in the world’s biggest Sure Fire Forex competition. She has subsequently achieved consistent profit month after month.

The social media has been buzzing like a nest of hornets about this math genius's scientific system for trading Forex. You know what though, I don't think it's just because she is able to make trades like these:

  • $22,638 trading
  • $9,348 trading USD/JPY
  • $18,120 from trading EURJPY
I think it's because she has been helping so many other traders realize personal success that that they have flocked to Cristina, listened to what she has to say and watched their accounts grow.

She even offered to help a small group one on one with a one hour coaching call it sold out at $500.00 in 1 minute 35 seconds.

You can watch one of the video of her live trade where she shared with her follower from twitter and facebook using Scientific approach and made $9,348 trading USD/JPY

Scientific Forex Trading Course - Want to learn how to trade forex and achieve more or less the same result as Cristine Ciurea?

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You need to get this limited forex trading course(750 hard copy)being released on 28th Feb. In this scientific forex review course, she reveals all the techniques she used to make consistent money.

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Here is one of the feedback from someone who bought the course.

Ray Bruce, Brisbane, Australia

Rating:5 stars

Date of Post:



I have to disagree with the other review, I think it’s a great course so far. As it’s only been around for a few weeks it probably too early to really tell.

It’s not indicators that are used, it’s how you use them. Inside the forum I have seen no negative comments, only people who are making money. If you follow the system it will make you more money than anything else I have tried. Ray

What she's about to release includes everything she knows about trading, every secret she is using to double her account like clockwork.

There's plenty of proof right here

There are only 750 hard copy being released.

This forex Scientific approach trading course comes with:

  • 4 no frills no fluff pure actionable content DVD's explaining all the basics to all the techniques she uses in step by step blueprint to making consistent money.
  • Plus a detailed printed trading manual.
  • All this will be delivered to your door.
  • You will also get complete and unrestricted access to the online trading lab.
  • 3 bonus: Cross fire signal locator, Candle Force Trader and CCF Trade Finder to make your trading easier to find trading opportunity.
  • 60 days money back guarantee

You also get regular webinar and support via skype/ telephone/ email.

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