Private Trader Club - Learn From The Best Online Trader Club

Quite often, you can learn a lot from private trader club, discuss about your trading ideas on certain stocks, trades etc.

I have just found an online trader club that does a lot more than this.

Remember I showed you a picture of an OVI chart that can monitor the trading activities in the " Options " market. Quite often, when there are big trading activities in the "Options market" , the underlying stock will normally follow suite afterward.

When combining all these with chart patterns, you can more than often tell where the market is going, like Goldman Sach.

guy cohen online trader club-ovi-gs-9-5-11

This chart on 9/5/11 showed OVI was still in negative territory, so more downward move was likely to happen.

Guess What?......


guy cohen trader club-ovi-gs-20-5-11

It plummeted a few days later!

If you had this OVI (-ve = possible short, +ve = possible buy )and chart pattern before it broke to down side, you could have placed a "Short Selling " sell stop order entry just below the first dotted line, or down bet using spread betting in UK or even a "Put Options" contract in US to make quite a bit of money in a few days!

Guy Cohen, author of Options Bible, Options Made Easy, Volatile Market Made Easy, is now opening his door to his Private Trader Club / Follow The Money where you can get access to these tools and other techniques that can be used to make money in days.

In fact, there is an additional trading setup that can also tell you what's likely to happen to the stock, I'll let Guy tell you his Follow The Money system,

Click here to watch a video of Guy Cohen explaining how his OVI indicators and trading technique can make decent returns.

Allegedly, some hedge fund managers are now using these trading indicators as well but are paying at a premium price.

For a limited time, $7 a year, now you can get started to trade and follow the " Informed Trader " and prove to yourself that it can make you money by following the "informed trades ".

In fact Click here to watch the video that explains the benefit of becoming a memeber of Guy Cohen 's Private Trader Club / Follow The Moneyand 13 bonuese