London Stock Trading Courses / UK Stock Trading Courses/Workshops

Here are some good London Stock Trading Courses/UK Stock Trading courses that you can attend if you prefer to be trained by professionals and be taught live in a class room.

Guy Cohen, November 2017 OVI Traders Workshop In London, UK.

You may have seen the OVI charts on a few other pages with incredible  results. Guy Cohen is spilling all the beans and teaching you a few other strategies in conjunction with the OVI indicators Live in Heathrow, London, UK. 

You can attend live or watch it live feed from home.

Click and watch the video for more info.

Trading College - UK Stock Trading Courses/Seminars

I have seen the instructor, Lee Sandford (ex - footballer) and have been taught a few free lessons in Investor show in London recently and spoke to people who did the London stock trading courses who're making quite a bit of money. The course is a lot better than the one I attended and paid for.

You get 2 full days training courses in London/UK *(sorry, at present, there is no free introduction/presentation in hotel where they try to sell you a stock trading course at a discount if you join on the day)*.

*Minor correction - If you join as a member or go to a Free Monthly Saturday Morning coffee meetings at a Heathrow hotel, you will get a discount on courses you want.*

The price is more or less the same as others, but you get a lot more including their Pro-Trading System Software which makes trading a lot easier, similar to the one you seen on the best indicator page.

Here is one of recent screen shoot of the system making quite a bit of money in a few days from following the Pro-Trading system/method.


2 full day stock trading courses and you will be taught on

Day 1

  • An Introduction to Trading
  • Designing your trading plan
  • What Markets can Provide Best Results
  • Overview of the Pro Trading System (PTS) software
  • PTS features and settings
  • PTS Practice session


  • Scanning for Trades
  • Scanning Practice Session
  • Building your Watch List
  • Filtering for Profitable Trades
  • Brokerage accounts
  • An Introduction to Spread Betting
  • Spread Betting Practice Session

And you can repeat the trading course within 6 months and also you will get monthly webinars after you finish the trading course to get you going and support.

Wow! I wish they were around when I first started trading! I know from personal experience, other UK stock trading courses charge a lot more for all the mentioned above and covers this in basic and advanced courses!

Click Here For Trading College London / Uk Stock Trading Course Schedule

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Would you like to get 3-8% cash back on your UK monthly shopping which will be deducted from your UK utility bill ( single bill) on top of what you would have saved already by switching to this supplier ?

You can even use their Unlimited data internet/phone package ( free local and 10 international destinations calls with Gold status ) to sign up to some virtual trading accounts to practice your trading after you attended your uk/london stock trading courses.

I am using this supplier and getting cash back and I am quite happy with them. I am sure it will benefit you, so I include a link here. Click here for your Uk utility savings.

UK Stock Trading Workshop - Trading Academy Training Centre, St Albans ( Just Outside London), Now Also In Dublin, Ireland

Trading Academy stock trading seminars are very hands on. On some stock trading classes, you can even learn how to trade live using their money. I wished I met them before. So, if you are new to trading or want to improve your trading, you are in good hands.

You can attend 1/2 day free power trading workshop and then decide if you want to take it further. I do not know the price of their UK /Ireland or London stock trading courses, but I have seen them demonstrated live trading before, and they are very good at teaching trading.

Click on this UK Stock Trading Courses link, then pick United Kingdom under location, then click on free Power Trading Workshop to check schedule for UK/London stock trading courses.

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