Intraday Trading / Day Trading

Day Trading or intraday trading is to buy and sell a stock or security within the same day. Statistics show or the fact is not many day traders make it and most people lose money day trading.

However with a bit of stock day trading course /education, stern control of emotions, and stick to some stock trading rules, you can make money day trading.

Before we get into these intraday trading details, it is best to list some day trading stock tip, rules and criteria:

  1. Volatility - You need big swings in stocks or any instruments that you intend to day trade. Any big cap in the top 100, like FTSE100 or Nasdaq stock like Google or US indexes are a good example.
  2. You need to look at the historical charts to see if the trading range from top to bottom is enough to warrant the trade, e.g for stock about 10%. You need to be able to gain enough to cover the spreads, like if you were given a quote of 301 310 and is there enough room to make money to the next support /resistance level?
  3. You need to get some real time day trading software if you want to trade all the time.
  4. If you intend to trade stocks, it's wise to subscribe to some level 2 services. This tells you what real price people are buying and selling. This will give you an edge to see what the support and resistance levels are before the real time chart is updated especially when there is a big order from institutions in the queue. These trades are waiting to be executed in real time and you can see who's buying or selling and kind of follow the big boys. You can get this level 2 from

    Some say the best day stock trading is Monday, especially trading the Asian market which follow what happens to Wall Street on Friday. The European market then follows what happen to the Asian market and reacts similarly when market opens on Monday morning.

My Intraday Trading Methods

Elliott Wave - As explained before, most of the time stocks move in repeatable waves /pattern or Elliott wave even down to intraday time frame.

Sometimes, these patterns are staring at you on the stock market charts. If you are not not familiar with this or not bothered with these in the past, you may have missed a great trading opportunity.

Courtesy of Elliott Wave International, you can sing up as a free member and download a free pdf file on

Learn How The Wave Principle Can Improve Your Trading or if you prefer watching a video, you can watch this free

Elliott Wave Video Crash Course

Day Trading Short Term Delta Phenomenon - Delta trading can be applied to intraday trading as well. If you put some effort into this and work out the points, you can predict when the market will turn.

Pivot Point Trading - This can be used for short term swing stock trading to intraday trading. Stocks prices seem to hover around these levels.

Fibonacci Retracements - Besides pivot point trading, prices seem to hit a certain fibonacci retracements level even down to 5 minute intraday trading time frame.

I combine all these together with technical analysis and also watching bloomberg tv to trade. Not that I day trade all the time as sometime it's hard to control my emotions, but once I have my emotions under control, I have made some very happy and profitable trades using these day trading methods.

My New Day Trading/ Intraday Trading Methods- Trade What You See With These Paint Bar Studies


I have combined most of the of mentioned methods with this latest Paint bar chart that I have come across. It's very simple technique and works on all time frames. It works extremely well in lower time frame volatile market as well. See this chart and best trading indicators page.

Looking For Stock Picks Or Currencies To Day Trade? Try Ramp Real Time Day Patterns Scanner

After studying many charts, I concluded many chart patterns do form on intraday as well from 5 minutes to weekly time frame. As explained before, certain patterns tell you whether it will continue it's trend or reverse including intraday trading.

I came across RAMP which also offer real time scan as well as end of day.

This is a monthly subscription service. You download an application once and then log online to see a list of stocks, currencies that have just formed certain chart patterns like

  • Cup and handle
  • Head and shoulder, inverse head and shoulder
  • Double bottom, double top
  • Hitting support or resistance lines
  • Reaching certain fibonacci retracement levels
  • Breakouts

across 7 time frames: 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 30 min, 60 min,1 day,1 week.

You can set the alert to give you an audio sound once new one come in. It's constant scanning stocks and currencies on their database and you don't need any software or your own data.

Once you click on the symbol, it will display the chart with lines drawn using your chosen stock filter. You can then make your trade decision from these lists.

They are offering a free 2 weeks trial. So click here for your Ramp Day Trading Chart Patterns Stock Market Screener.

Learn From Intraday Trading Gurus

If you are tempting in day trading stocks, and want more than what I have shown you, then I suggest you learn from this day trading course from Markus Heitkoetter - The Ultimate Day Trading System

I attended a few free webinars and courses ran by Markus and learned and earn quite a bit. This is a course that you need to be successful in day trading

This day trading course will teach you the four simple strategies that they use to make money and guide you on

  1. how to use the three most important indicators for day trading
  2. how to setup chart for day trading, where to enter the trade, where to put your stop loss, where to take your profit
  3. how to make your first $100 profit
  4. you'll learn more trading strategies: "The Boomerang Strategy", "The Ping Pong Strategy" and "The Seahawk Strategy." which cater for all market conditions. These training modules are designed to guide you to achieve target profit of around $1000 or more.
  5. You will also learn the key elements of a solid trading plan and how to write your own. PLUS, you will learn how to plan your way to financial freedom and how to develop your own strategies and more..

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Ultimate intraday trading course

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Simple Trading Strategies Recommendation

Are you still lost or just want to make money trading in a simple way ?

Here are two recommended trading strategies :

Trade What You See On Paint Bar Chart And Follow The Rules

This focuses on trading simple Price colour patterns which you can literally master over a weekend back testing and start trading with the software shows you what to do next.

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