Economic Calendar

It is important to know economic calendar. You need to know what financial news are due, especially if you are day trading. These data can affect the price of the financial instruments that you are trading however temporary it may be.

The most important data are:

  • Gross Domestic Products ( GDP)
  • FMOC- Interest rate and monetary policy decision. This can affect currencies, share price, indexes before & after the announcement is made.
  • Employment figures
  • PPI/CPI/Leading Economical Indicators(LEI)
  • Durable goods, factory orders
  • Home sale figures
  • Crude Oil inventory if you are trading oil related stocks

These data may seem to be financial news usa, but apply to all countries.

There are other data that can affect share price, but the above are important.

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Earnings Report

Besides checking economics news, you also need to check earnings calendar. It is wise to check when company earning report is due before entering a trade.

Earning surprise and accompany statement can often lead to big fluctuation in the stock price. One way of taking advantage of this is trading Options using Straddle strategy if you are familiar with trading Options.

You can learn all about trading options using this strategy in conjunction with other techniques and software that finds these trades for you from this Illuminati Traders - Options Trading Course.

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