How & Why I Build A Website Using DIY Websites Package From Site Build It ( SBI)

Why do I build a website on Stock Trading Strategies using diy websites package from Site Build It, you may ask?

Well, I was horrified and experienced hands on how much people are charging over weekend stock trading courses that just don't quite deliver. When you get home, you are not much better off than before attending the course. I know what it's like not knowing what books to read, what software to use, where do you go to learn more, what stock trading strategies to use etc.

I decided to have a piece of this action in terms of educating investors on stock market trading and not ripping you guys off.

I want to make it better for you and also see whether I can make money online using what some guru called " Internet Marketing ", so I want to build a website instead to guide you around trading the stock market using certain stock trading strategies.

Just how do you build your own website without knowing anything about HTML?And how do you know if diy websites like SBI are any good ?

I went to bookshops and just would not know where to begin on build your own website as there are too many books to read. Then I looked around on the internet and stumbled across a site called Site Build It and / Site Sell to built a website.

I do not know anything about HTML code nor how to begin, so I emailed them and they answered me with specific request by someone who actually used it to build the site!

Judd Burton who answered my email also appeared on sitesell case studies. He went from "dead-end Canadian asphalt man to cutting edge, international digital man" in less than a year. Also a big investment company in Kazakhstan used diy websites package from Site Build It themselves to build their own website.

At first, Site Build It DIY websites package appeared to be expensive, but after watching this video

and searching for more info and comparing with others on the internet, this is relatively cheap especially the whole package comes with the followings:

  1. web hosting and domain names
  2. step by step 10 day action guide ( online videos and /or text documents which can also be downloaded to your pc )that teaches you how to create a website that generate targeted traffic regardless whether you know HTML or not
  3. wordtracker keywords search ( this alone would cost you more than $25 per month)
  4. site theme brainstorming technique to determine if concept is profitable
  5. web page templates
  6. block by block web page building and can preview it before making it live (bit like word document )
  7. web page and keywords density analyzer
  8. create a site map for you automatically and after the initial 4 simple step by step guide on your home page website submission, they will automatically submit all your web pages to the world search engines whenever you update/ create a new page, thereby saving you time and effort where you can concentrate on other part of building your website.
  9. guide on how to generate free targeted traffic
  10. traffic and click through rate analyzer
  11. how to monetize your website
  12. auto responders to send emails out on a predetermined date
  13. form build it to capture email address for your newsletter subscriptions, e magazine, contact us etc
  14. helpful forums and head quarter to share problems and informations
  15. risk free one month trial

Some weekend courses charge you more than £1000 just to teach you basic stuff and do not cover what Site Build It teaches in the action guide. Some pretty looking websites designed by top notch web master like my friend's do not have any traffic and just sits there in cyber space collecting dust.

SBI website education is being taught across a few universities in United State and rolling out to a few other countries as well.

With all these in mind, I took a plunge and signed up with Site Build It to build my own website.

Encouraging Results From My Build Your Own Website Site Using Build It DIY Websites Package

I was amazed to receive an email from the president of site built it after I signed up and begun to build this website. I had some links missing on my website and he emailed me to say that! Which web hosting site does that?

My traffic is increasing every month and even though I did not touch my website for a little while when I was away on holiday. On my return a few weeks later, there were a few cheques /checks came through the post as a result of doing nothing. Wow!

And one of my web page that I created just before I went on holiday has now reached page 1, position 1 in Google! Also, although it's small amount at present, I am beginning to receive passive income from google adsense. Wow !

So I just proved to myself that I can do this even though my computer skill is quite crap if you pardon my language. I may start another site like traveling as I quite like this topic.

Build Your Own Website And Generate A Second Income / Online Web Business Passive Income

Just like me, you can pass on your knowledge and turn it into a web business, and receive passive income even though you do not know how to create a web site.

Some websites owners have replaced their full time job income without knowing anything about HMTL, with their online web business using SITE BUILD IT diy websites building package like those who appeared on case study.

Even if you know your html code inside out, SBI diy websites package can still give you the edge as some of the web masters have found out, like the one in the case study. You can upload your own HTML /CCS webpage and use your own web templates.

If you have further question on creating a website using Site Build It, just like me when I started initially, you can contact them and ask more about build your own website questions

If you are interested in building a website using site build it,

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