Short Term Delta Phenomenon Trading Explained

This is my attempt on short term delta phenomenon trading explained using 15 minutes on SP500 index intraday trading.

Remember from my introduction guide to delta trading page, I said I noticed S&P500 index pattern repeat itself every few days. Well, here it is.

short term delta phenomenon

Short term delta market trading explained - Planning

Just like the delta orange,green,red,blue lines, I drew the dividing lines and numbered the major high and low points and repeat them into the future days.

Short term delta trading explained- actual trade on 16th -part 1

I traded this intraday trading downward move when I saw number 1, 2, 3 beginning to repeat themselves on the 16th and closed out just before number 4 at a small profit.

The patterns /numbers then repeated themselves just like a few days ago to form 5 ,6 ,7 and 8 ( Elliott wave 1, 2, 3 and terminated just shy of 161.8% external fibonaaci retracements of number 4 and 5 ! I should have stayed at home rather than going out for dinner!)

Delta Market Trading explained- actual trade part 2

When I saw the price shot pass 261.8% of number 4 and 5, and noticed stochastic, RSI, MACD signal lines all crossed and heading down,Time was definitely up for number 13 , it has to turn down.

In fact, this resembled number 19 and occurred about the same time, so I placed a down bet , took some profits when it hit the top of number 1 resistance level and moved my stop loss to be there to lock in profit for the remaining trade.

The Delta Phenomenon: or The Hidden Order in All Markets (Book Package)

See the power of this delta trading prediction technique. I was being conservative and only placed £3 spread bet per 0.1 point. This trade I did could have paid for the Delta Phenomenon Book. So could you if you choose to buy this book.

It tells you exactly how many days the market repeat themselves, whether to include weekend, holidays etc as well as all delta trading time frames,where to draw the lines, how to work out all delta time frame solutions, when to enter and exit delta turning points and more.

The above chart is not in the book and it's me having a go at plotting the turning points. I have missed quite a bit of informations out due to delta patent act, but you can see the power of this trading technique. I strongly recommend this book to anyone including beginners to trading! You can get these from below and links.

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