The Best Trading Indicator For Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Currencies
And Any Market From The Indicator Guys Best Trading System and Methods

I accidentally came across what appeared to be the best trading indicator – painted bar / trend indicator in an investor show a while back. These non standard charts, make it a lot easier for you to see the trend than the normal bar/ candlesticks, when to take profit and when to renter the trend like below.

painted bar trading indicator

Basically, blue means buy, red means sell. So if you entered the trade near the low of the chart, you would exit/ take profit when you see the 1st red bar. You then renter the long trade after it changes from red to blue.

Yes. It is that simple.

Allegedly, one guy has been using this best trading indicator for quite a while for his trading and he was challenged to a trading competition for 1 month.

While most people lost money or in profit by tiny amount, this guy beat everyone including professional traders who work in a bank and won by quite a lot purely using what he saw on the painted bar chart.

When I enquired about these trading signals, I was told I could have them free if I enroll to his trading course, so I gave it a miss and found another company that offered more.

The Best Trading Indicator, Trading Systems And Methods From The Indicator Guys

Simple Trading Methods - Trade What You See And Lock In Profit Until Market Takes You Out

I came across this home trading system from the indicator guys which has the above painted bar chart, momentum squeeze indicator, value chart indicator to cater for trending and scalping/ trading range. The trading systems and methods are the best I tried so far in terms of simple trading.

If you are tracking or want to trade a certain stock, forex, commodity, indexes or any market, you can use this simple trading system. Just Trade what you see.

It tells you where to enter the trade, where to place your stop loss and where to move your stop loss to lock in profit once you get the triggered bar signal. You keep moving the stop loss until the market takes you out of the trade once you are in profit.

triggered bar trading indicator entry zone trading indicator profit  locking trade indicator traing stop indicator

You can also use the momentum indicator ( pro-squeeze, which I also heard about this in investor show) to act as confirmation for strength of trend. White dot indicates strong trend. When it changes from white to grey, and changes from blue to red or vice versa, it means trend is fading possible breakout to the other side.

pro-squeeze momentum trading indicator

This is a trade of ECL which used all the above mentioned trading methods and produced quite a bit of profits in a few days.


Here is another example trading silver using the best trading indicator from this home trading system.

best-trading-indicator-silver -trade-example

These trading signals from The Home Trading System are compatible with a variety of charting platforms and works across all time frames and all markets including Metatrader (free trading platform ), Trade Station, Multicharts, Sharescope and Ninja Trader.

Once installed on the trading/charting platform, you can turn normal charts into the above painted bars.

There is a Radar Section where you can have a watchlist of your stocks, and it tracks/ displays the trigger bar, entry zone, so you can keep an eye on when to entry/exit .


There is a screening section of the Indicator Guys Home Trading System- the HTS Radar that scans for trade “Entry Zone” set up and only available on Trade Station trading platform. Good news is Trade Station is free until 2012.

You can also set up email alert for these setup conditions.

There are other trading signals as well, like Value Chart which gives you quite accurate extreme readings. Red spike value of over 8 indicates it's overbought and blue spike value of over -8 indicates it's oversold. You can use this for a quick scalping trade or using strategy for trading range.


If you want a simple trading system without second guessing which direction the market is heading, this home trading system and methods and /or trading signals could be for you.

You can Click Here to Try The Best Trading Indicator From The Indicator Guys Home Trading System To See How Easy And Profitable This Trading System And Methods Are.