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Is it a scam or can automatic forex trading software really make you money like what the auto forex system trading Said?

A few readers asked me about forex automatic trading robots and whether I can recommend any that works.

Do you know you can make a quick profit trading forex at a certain time of the day, certain day of the week trading certain currencies pair? Auto forex trading these possible ?

Mmm... I have been wondering about automatic forex trading software, forex trading robots or EA, Expert Advisor as it is called nowadays.

After a bit of reserach and heard feedback from forex trading forums, discussion group and people I spoke to, I have found a few Auto Forex Trading Robots that could potentially earn you consistent money months after months using Meta Trader 4 platform (most currencies/forex brokers have these free trading platform nowadays).

1. Forex Morning Trade - Auto Forex Trading Robot That Made More Than 5 digits profit for One Memb#link_2960554er In 1 Year on Real Money Account With This Automatic Forex Trading Software

forex morning trade

This was a best selling and performing automatic forex trading software when it came out in 2010 trading British Pound( Sterling) to US $ during the London Morning session (6:30am).

Marc Fric, the creator first sold it as a manual trading system ( detailed PDF on when and how to trade) based on reading two indicators readings at 6:15am. If they line up then a trade would be executed with profit target = 40, stop loss =40.

The added bonus was the Expert Advisor, an automatic trading robot with template working on meta trader 4 that can move stop loss automatically once it's in profit by 20 pips.

After hearing and seeing lots of feedback and people making 5 digits profits, I bought and tested it for 2 months on a demo Metatrader 4 platform account before going live from &

I installed the software , left the MT4 trading platform and computer running overnight and this automatic forex trading software trebled my trading account in 3 months.

There was a very helpful and friendly user from the forum who kept tweaking the settings and posting on the forum to get more out of the system when it performed badly, especially Mid December to Mid January and the period after a quiet forum user who withdraw his 5 digits profit account.

Now Forex Morning Trade Package is Now available ONLY

on this website as a Bonus Pakackage To Strategy Quant EA Wizard.

However, this system is still a sound system if you tweak it to trade at different time with different take profit and stop loss.

You still can make some money on auto pilot with this forex robot/ manual system.

I am still using this system as 2 different trades with

Starting Time 11 am GMT, 12:00 GMT, Take profit target= 30, stop loss = 30, break even = 20, breakeven add pips = 18.

So far from November to Jan,Feb and March, my account is in positive territories with 20% profit.

I am also testing on a demo account with no breakeven, i.e stop loss= 30, take profit =30, and stop loss= 30, take profit =20 to see how it performs for a few more months as sometimes I see it continues to 30 pips profit after a small pause once it hit 20 pips profit.

*Update*... No stop loss breakeven performed a lot better. So I will use Take profit= 30,stop loss=30 from now.

Starting time 12:00 GMT also performed a lot better (a few pips more than 11 GMT in April, and lots more from Nov - March.

This forex morning trade system can still be purchased as a BONUS package to Create Your Own Expert Advisor Without Programing - Strategy Quant EA Wizard.

This package also comes with

  • a manual for Forex morning trade.
  • forex morning trade expert advisor already created using the new software with ability to modify settings.
  • resource and software to learn how to create your own expert advisor without programing.
  • how to back test expert advisor guide.
  • strategy signal alerts template/indicator.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.

WOW! Mark Fric should have sold this package when he first sold forex morning trade! So you can learn how to create your own Expert Advisor as well as using Forex Morning Trade.

strategy quant ea wizard

Click Here For your Strategy Quant EA Wizard - With Bonus " Forex Morning Trade Automatic Forex Trading Robot Software ".

forex 3d robot

Forex 3 D Robot -

NEW Forex 3D Robot was just launched by famous Rita Lasker and Green Forex Group. They say it is the MOST PROFESSIONAL tool that brings up to +$15,356,00 in just 1 month (100% AUTO mode)!

The secret of this profit is - 3 (THREE) newest 3D technologies that were integrated.

Check the details

This robot trades 3 active pairs: EURGBP, GBPJPY, EURJPY.

This forex 3d robot analyses the market using inbuild trend indicators and determines the best time to trade. Once it finds the right set up, it will automatically enter the trade and set up take profit target and stop loss.

Just like Forex morning trade, this automatic forex trading software working on Meta trader4 moves stop loss automatically (to breakeven or trailing the pips)once the trade is in profit.

You can also change the parameters yourself rather leaving it at default like money management and whether to trade on Friday like Non Farm Payroll day.

So far with default settings (just left mt4 trading platform and pc on ) produced Win/Loss is about 79%.

This seems to be the 2nd best robot in the market and worth trying.

It comes with a user guide, EA, free update, support,Bonus - Green Forex Line Indicator and 30 days money back guarantee.

Click Here For Your Forex 3D Robot

3. FAP Turbo Forex Robot - by far the 3rd best forex trading robots in the market!

This is a fully automated forex trading system that works as long as it is connected to the markets. You can install it on your own computer, or you can mount it in a remote server.

This automatic forex trading software works best if you use the scalping strategy. It has data from back testing, and it has been tested live.

The automated forex software program claims that it is capable of doubling an account in 30 days, on fairly aggressive settings.

My searching on the forums and discussion boards found that quite a lot of people have made this a reality - it really does work. Some even managed to get a little more after changing the default setting manually on the forex trading robot.

On it's website, there is a live account that updates regularly for you to check. There were losses but overall, there were profit months after months. This forex trading robot trade a few more currencies for you based on three strategies.

What I like about this forex trading robot, is that you can install the software on a remote server, so you don't need to leave your pc on 24x5. You will also get the latest updated version as well. You just need to log onto a remote server and check the trade whenever you want.

This also comes with lifetime update and 60 days money back guarantee if you don't like the automatic forex trading software for whatever reasons afterward.

Click here to get your Fab Turbo Automated Forex Trading Software.

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