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This page tells you something about me and how I started trading the stock market.

Hi, my name is Wai. Some people call me Wayne as they can't pronounce it, so you can call me Wayne if you want. Some readers want to know what I look like, so here I am and tell Paul McCartney to stop flashing his camera at me! Only joking Paul, that's if you are reading about me!

This picture was taken at Wellington Museum in New Zealand recently. It's a very friendly and beautiful country. Made me want to visit them again. I just love traveling. Besides traveling, I used to play badminton quite a lot and listening to various music, but the Beatles and rocks like Queen, were my favourite.

I left the hustle and bustle Hong Kong many years ago and now live and work in London, United Kingdom permanently.

How did I start to Trade?

I noticed a few people were checking share prices every now and then during break time when I was working in a telecommunications manufacturing company. That got me curious and started to ask questions as they were making money every now and then and what sort of stock trading strategies they were using....

My first Trade

As a household bill holder, I got offered the chance to buy shares in those utility companies that were about to be listed in the London Stock Exchange. Surely, they knew something about me and offered me a chance to pay by installments, so I thought I gave them a try and sure I was making money and collecting dividends. I thought, well it's not too bad, I did not lose my shirt!

The Obsession begun

Without knowing fundamental and technical analysis, I made tons of money and thought I was a genius! It was near the technology bubble era of year 2000 when I was following the crowd; from work, gossips and newspaper. I worked as a telecommunications engineer in the financial sector and I listened to those so called experts in the City and kept buying stocks even though I did not know what stock trading strategies they were using.

It seemed at that time, a lot of people knew something about me and was offering financial advise. All of a sudden I was everybody's best friend!

Sure I made lots of money and held on to the shares, not knowing a big fall was around the corner.

I bought some more when the stock price dropped and some more when it dropped even further. Surely share price couldn't drop any more! It was mentioned as a buy by those financial top stock brokers who might know something about me and thought they were great stock trading strategies!

I would be a millionaire if the stock prices were what they said in the newspaper!

I have never heard of credit crunch until recently! Some good brokers erh! Took their companies down with them and also my winnings!

Finally Success

I went to a few training courses in 2002/2003. The 1st one I went to was ok I guess at that time and I made some money. Actually I got most of my money back from those I lost in the technology bubble era.

I would not recommend that course anymore as now you can read specific books and find specific informations on the internet and the course was of very " high pressure sale".

Now I mainly use Market Matrix short term trade/swing trading in conjunction with Dynamic Trader software.

I occasionally day trade using Delta Trading Phenomenon,
Elliott Waves
and buy and sell signal as described in those pages and having success and fun.

I still hold a few stocks using buy and hold/fundamental analysis and technical analysis, chart patterns for medium to long term investments as described in those pages.

That's all about me and now over to you to explore this website and I hope you enjoy and learn enough to make your trade profitable. I will be adding more contents if and when I come across some stock trading techniques/materials that I tried or they have been highly recommendated by trusted friends that may interest my readers. So be sure to bookmark this site and spread the word if you find them useful.

If you have time, you can read about how I build this site without knowing anything about html or internet marketing and how you too can do the same, writing on something you are passionate about and turn it to an online business.

Click here to read more via diy websites page for more info.

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