The Stock Trading Strategies & Patterns Guide

Dear Stock Trading Friends,

These stock trading strategies & patterns that I am about to show you may look boring, but they made me enough money to pay off my bills & more.

To make money in the stock market, you don't need to be a fund manager,top stock broker or professional trader. Although it helps, but you do not need to know everything about the stock market or even exactly how the stock market works.

As long as you know certain stock trading strategies & patterns, follow them & stick to a stock trading plan, you can make money in stock market.

This online stocks trading strategies & patterns information guide will give you enough stock trading information to get you started and hopefully making money.

So What Will You Learn on this Website?

On this stock trading website, you will learn some basic stock trading success strategies. I will cover:

To make your stock trading easier, I will introduce you to some stock trading software, stock screener charting software ; both free & pay for & some other useful resources sites for your analysis.

Obviously I can not cover all of these in great details as it will be like a book or trading course, so I will point you to other learning resources and recommend some stock trading books to read for more in depth analysis/understanding.

Why I am Telling You All These?

I won a lot of money & lost them again during the technology bubble era. So I decided to get some training on stock trading.

Having attended some free & paid for stock trading courses, I felt they do not provide good value for money & are well overpriced for teaching you stuff that can be learned from books & internet! Ouch!

Well, I guess if you have not traded successfully before, you would not know what books to read & what to look for on the net. So don't make the same mistake as I did. Your money or in my case my money, is better spend on trading softwares instead!

So, now I want to point you to the right direction if you wish to learn to trade or improve on your trading success.

Not all trading courses are like that. I came across other companies & spoke to people who used them in Investor Show in London. Having played with their trading systems for a few hours, I agreed these are a lot better than the one I've been to. I only wish I discovered them long time ago! So I have listed some good ones on this website, should you wish to learn from them.

Ready To Start?

Ok, let's start learning. You need to understand/learn some basic trading first. Then, fundamental and technical analysis. Then move on to chart patterns & other strategies from this stock trading website or learn more from other stock trading resources sites.

In fact, if you work your way from the top of the left hand navigation buttons or from the links below , you should be able to cover all the required stuffs to start trading.

Once you master these simple stock trading strategies, you can then use these stock market trading strategies to trade the stock market via :

  • buying & sell stocks.
  • options.
  • contract for difference (CFD).
  • spread Betting

I have included some of these trading websites/companies for you to look at & possibly open an account with them. Just click on the corresponding tabs.

This stock trading site is updating regularly, so please be sure to bookmark this stock trading website.

Happy Stock Trading !

Table of contents

Stock Trading Strategies Blog
The Stock Trading Strategies Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to web site. Subscribe here.
Stock Trading Basics - Essential Information Before Entering A Trade
You need to know these stock trading basics if you want to make money in stock market. Here are some details.
Stock Trading Charts Basics- Learn How To Read Charts
Learn these stock trading charts basics before entering a trade if you want to make money in stock market.
Stock Trading Signals | Learn When To Enter & Exit The Stock Market
These basic stock trading signals are often used to time the market.Let me show you how to use stock market timing signal.
Free Trading Course - 10 Part Free Email Stock Trading Course
Learn to trade from this free trading course and brush up on your technical analysis from this free stock trading course.
Free Trading Webinar - "How To Trade With Options Data For Windfall Profit"
Attend Free Trading Webinar on how to use Options data to trade in 10 minutes a day
Stock Market Sectors Analysis - Fundamental Part Of Stock Screening Process
Knowing what stock market sectors do well at certain stock market stages can help in picking what stocks to trade. Here are some infos.
Fundamental Analysis |How To Scan Stocks To Trade For Buy & Hold Strategy|
Here are some fundamental analysis details if you want to buy the right stock to trade for medium to long term investment.
Economic calendar |Earnings calendar
Stock price react violently to news. You need to look at economic calendar before entering a trade.Here are some details.
Recent Stock Market Update | Stock Market News
Knowning recent stock market update news event can sometimes help your trading judgements. Here are some info on recent companies news and trading news.
Stock Screener | Stock Market Screener | Technical, Fundamental Stock Filters
These stock screener / stock filters can give you high probability trade for stocks, forex, future,options and mutual funds from days to swing trades,medium to long term investing.Click for more info
Stock Scans | How To Scan Rangebound Stocks To Trade Using Telechart
Writing stock scans is the only way to find the stocks with the exact criteria you need. Here is how to scan stocks using Telechart/ Worden
Best Trading Indicators- Paint BarsThat Work On All Time Frames
Best Trading Indicators from Xtreme Paint Bar Forex work For Forex, Index Or anything that can be traded on MT4. Here are real examples on how to use them to make money for you and me.
Best Trading Software That Can Forecast Directions Before Market Opens
This is the best trading software that I tried especially time and price, fibonacci vortex ,gartley patterns and other indicators that can tell when the market will turn. Click for more details
Find Stock Chart Patterns That Can Make Your Trade Profitable
Certain chart patterns can tell you whether stocks will reverse trend or continue. Here are some reversal and continuation patterns details.
Finding Cup And Handle Chart Patterns| Saucer And Handle Patterns
Cup and handle chart patterns seem to be reliable pattern to trade. Here are some examples of how I found these pattens and made money in stock market using saucer and handle patterns.
Head And Shoulder Patterns |Inverse Head And Shoulder Chart Patterns
Head and shoulder pattern and inverse head and shoulder patterns are powerful reversal chart patterns. Here are some examples of how to spot them and trade these patterns.
Gartley Pattern Explained
You can profit from short tem /long term stock market corrections using Gartley Pattern . Here are some trading informations.
Channeling Stocks Trading | Range Bound Stocks
Trading channeling stocks or range bound stocks can be a good short term trading strategy to make money in stock market. Here are some details.
Private Trader Club - Learn From The Best Using Unique Trading Tools
Guy Cohen private trader club offers unique OVI, OBI indicators ,filters and more that can often tell where the market is going. Click for more info.
Best Stock Trading Courses / Stock Options Trading Courses -Can Make You Money
Stock trading courses from stock trading guru Guy Cohen and Trading Academy have made me money in a few days. Learn how to make money in a safer and easier way on options, stock trading ,forex .
UK/ London Stock Trading Courses / Stock Trading Workshops
Attend free introduction UK/ Ireland / London Stock Trading Courses and find out how you can make money trading the stock market just like me. Here are some info /seminar dates.
Guy Cohen Flag Traders Review - Bull And Bear Flag Chart Patterns Trading
Guy Cohen Flag Traders Review - Unbiased and Independent report on how his bull and bear flag patterns trading course teaches you how to make money trading only a few minutes a day.
Trading Academy Home Study And On Location Stock Market Training Courses
Learn how to trade Stocks, Forex, Eminis, Options, Commodities from home or at a location near you from these gurus at Trading Academy.
Scientific Forex Trading Course Review - Cristina Ciurea's >100% Growth
Cristina Cirurea from scientific forex made over 161% per month in the world forex competition. She reveals all her trading techniques and software used in this scientific forex trading course.
Stock Market Predictions Tools And Techniques Guide
Learn all about stock market predictions,stock market forecast for predictable profitable short, medium,long term trades
Elliott Wave Guide|Learn Basic Stock Market Forecast Process
Trading predictable Elliott wave patterns can be profitable if you know how to read them on charts. Here are some trading informations using these waves patterns strategies.
Introduction Guide to Delta Trading |Learn to Predict Future MarkeTurning Points
Yes you can use Delta trading to predict in advance any future markets turning points.Let me show you the Delta Phenomenon.
The Market Matrix Turning Points Prediction Informations And Tips Guide
Yes, market turning points can often be predicted and projected to the exact day by Market Matrix system.Here are some infos on how to use MM to predict future turning dates.
Swing Stock Trading Time And Price Prediction Strategy
These simple swing stock trading strategies can be used to project end of swing /trend.It also works for day trading or short term momentum trading. Let me show you an example of this prediction techn
Fibonacci Retracements Levels Guide |Time And Prices Projection Tools
Fibonacci retracements levels can be used as a guide to stock market trend reversals and continuations patterns. Here are some useful informations.
Spread Trading / Spread Betting Guide
Spread trading can be a tax free way of getting quick win in the stock market. Here are some financial spread betting guidelines
Spread Betting Companies Directories
List Of UK Spread Betting Companies
Contract For Difference Trading Guide
Contract For Difference give you a levearge and hedge against the underlying stocks.Rather than selling the stock, you can short it via CFD. Here are some info.
Stock Options Trading Explained
Stock options trading are not just for professional and institutions.You too can profit from it. Let me explain stock option trading.
Call Options Trading explained
Trading Call Options can be a great short term stock option trading strategy of making money going long in the stock market requiring less money than trading stocks.Let me explain this simple techniqu
Put Options Explained
Use Put Options to make money when stock price is going down. Let me explaing how to short the market using this technique
Covered Call Options Explained
Here are some infos on how to trade Covered Call options to generate monthly income.
Options Strike Price Explained
Explanation of options strike price structure and in/at/out of money options
Options Intrinsic Value Details
How to calculate options intrinsic value
Binary Options Trading Guide - Alternative Way To Make Money Trading Options
Binary options trading can be better way to day/ swing trading on forex,options,indices,commodities and stocks. Click for info and strategies on trading binary options.
Learn Emini Trading | Emini Futures Trading Explained
Emini trading strategies can be used to profit from short term up and down movement in US indexes mini dow, mini S&p 500, mini Rusell , mini futures and mini forexes. Here are some trading infos.
Trading Penny Stocks Can Make You Smile/ Penny Shares Tips That Can Make Money
You can hold penny stocks for long term growth or buy and sell the right penny shares for quick profits.Let me show you.
How To Spot False Breakout From Free Elliot Wave Report/Tutorial
False breakout almost cost me a fortune, but Elliott Wave Interantional's free trading articles,tutorial turned it to a profitable trade. You can profit from these freebies as well. Here is an example
Profitable Intraday Trading / Day Trading System Methods Explained
Intraday trading or day trading can be vey rewarding if you can control your emotion and follow strict day trading stocks rules. Here are some of the best day stock trading tip /info.
Pivot Point Trading -Day/ SwingTrading Strategy
Pivot point trading used by traders on the floor of futures exchnage can be used for trading short term intra-day trading. Here is an example of how to day trade using pivot points.
Special Trading Signals - How To Make Money Trading Like Big Instituitions
These trading signals produced by Guy Cohen can tell you where big banks and institutions are piling their money. You can make money like big boys .Click to find out more before membership door closes
Online Stock Market Trading Forex / Currencies Online Stock Trading Explained
Make money from currencies fluctuation via online stock market trading forex firms without converting cash into local currencies. Let me explain currency trading.
Hot Forex Trading Strategies / Currency Trading Strategies
These forex trading strategies can make you laugh all the way to the bank. Let me show you these currency trading strategies.
Automatic Forex Trading Software - $10k Profit Using Automated Forex Robots?
Does automatic forex trading software really make you money? Here are two real money live automated forex trading robots that works with ability to create your own robots to test your strategy.
Forex Trading Newsletter Review>80% Profit Trading USD,GBP,EUR,FTSE100&Gold
A user review of Alpesh Patel Investing Better Pro Forex Trading Newsletter that made consistent money for subscribers like you and me.
Stock Market Index Trading Strategies / Stock Market Indices Secret Techniques
These stock market indices/ stock market index trading strategies really work.Let me show you my trading stock index results and stock index tradindg techniques.
Stock Trading Videos On Demand | Learn Stock Trading Online
Watch these free stock trading videos and learn stock trading online whenever and wherever you want
Is A Bigger Market Correction - More Than 10 % In Stock Market Coming?
Bigger market correction - more than 10% ? 1987, 2007 market crash and subsequent rally from March 2009 were predicted quite successfully. What about now? Click to find out more.
Bar Pattern Trade SetUp - 2 Bars The Popgun Way
Simple popgun bar pattern trade setup using 2 bars that can spot potential trade. Click to read more.
Forecast Markets - Learn How To Forecast Markets Using Technical Analysis
Learn how to forecast markets using technical analysis with limited time free giveaway technical analysis handbook
Do Earnings Drive Stock Prices Up And Down?
Good and bad earnings drive stock prices up and down. Click to see this chart explains how earnings drive the stock market.
Momentum Analysis Using Macd Technical Indicator
Learn how to use momentum analysis using Macd to time your entrance and exit of trade in conjunction with elliott wave from this limited time free report /video .
Trendlines Can Improve Your Trading ?
Drawing simple trendlines can improve your trading. Here's how.
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Market Club TV - New profit opportunities brought to you live each week - starting Thursday 17th March 2011at 7pm
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